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As a supplement to our treatment options, TOPS is proud to offer the services of our Nutritional Consultant, Nina Pregont, D.N. The "D.N." stands for "Doctor of Naprapathy" which is how Dr. Pregont spends most of her time.

Like people, nutrition is a critical component of healing for animals. When animals eat good, healthy, nutritious, species-appropriate foods, it helps facilitate their body’s ability to heal.

As a Naprapath, Dr. Pregont has a great deal of training and background in nutrition, and can provide guidance on not only nutrition in general but also as it pertains to the following types of diets:

  • Raw
  • Kibble
  • Canned
  • Homemade

She can also make recommendations for diets for:

  • Pets undergoing rehabilitation
  • Pet with diabetes, cancer, weight problems, allergies, kidney, liver, or other diseases.
  • Athletic dogs
  • Pets that need to build muscle mass

Nutrition is the foundation of health for dogs in all states of wellness and disease. When proper nutrition is combined with the current treatment plans of your dog, their health has the ability to achieve better results than if those treatments were applied alone.

During the nutritional consultation, Dr. Pregont will go over the current diet a pet is on, as well as any health and weight issues they may be experiencing. She will put together a plan to address all of these issues nutritionally and will discuss how this plan can be implemented. For pets receiving rehabilitative care at TOPS, she will review her recommendations with the patient's veterinarian at TOPS to ensure she takes into consideration any specific rehabilitation issues. The client is given the chance to ask questions during the consultation and Dr. Pregont will address all of those questions. For each case, she offers several options based on both the needs of the pet as well as the needs and wants of the client. Clients are also provided brochures and informational resources so they can leave with more information to help understand it all.

Dr. Pregont does Nutritional Consultations at TOPS on a periodic basis. Please call the main number at TOPS to schedule a consultation.

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